Special Guided Tours

Explore Bratislava with professional guide. If you are not satisfied with the standard view of most people, we have prepared special offers presenting Bratislava.

Night tour

We will present you the night life of Bratislava, which continuously gains new forms. You will be guided into the city centre, where you can enjoy lots of pubs and bars. Most vivid nights are those from Friday to Saturday. And of course we can arrange for you the reservation in any kind of enterprise.

Music tour

Bratislava is the city of music. Follow with us the footsteps of music giants.

Vintage tour in historical costumes

Our trained guides will get dressed in vintage costumes of historical period of your choice. Interesting commentary will be highlighted with the guide´s outlook, what will take you to ancient times (Bratislava in times of Roman empire, Bratislava during the reign of Maria Theresia – the heyday of baroque architecture).

Beer tour / Chocolate tour