Cruise Holiday

Danube, a charming river, full of life and history. A lot of beautiful cities you are going to anchor in, will attract you by their singularity and atmosphere. You´re going to have enough time to see all the dominants to details and explore their hidden beauties as well. You are going to sail in the middle of breathtaking sceneries, maybe a pelican will fly over your head or you will observe other rare species of animals and plants. These unique experiences are going to quarantee, that you will never forget this holiday. During its 30-years long history, many Slovaks experienced the cabin cruise ship Družba, that was built in 1965 in Budapest. In its time, it sailed the Danube under the czechoslovak flag, after then under the slovak flag and the plan was that Družba ship will finish its life as a botel, but unfortunately it burnt in 1999. From those times, it was no possibility to explore the beauties of the Danube from a shipboard, that will offer a cruise starting and finishing in Bratislava. Now this will change for sure! In our offer we have two river cruise ships called Delta Star and Donau Star and three different destinations, where you can sail. It´s enough to board once and wake up every morning in a different charming city. You are going to explore Budapest, Mohacz, Beograd, Iron Gate and Novi Sad, the second route is going to introduce you to Wien, Passau and to picturesque valley of Wachau. You will be certainly appealed by the evening programs on the ship, that will present countries and cities visited during your cruise. We are looking forward to greet you on board! More informations about our attractive cruise holidays here: Pobytová plavba po Dunaji z Viedne do Budapešti a späť – 4 dni Výletná loď Primadonna